Fremantle launches ALBERT global carbon calculator in Indonesia

Today, Fremantle Indonesia, the Indonesian arm of multinational global television production and distribution leader, Fremantle, producing versions of top tier formats like Idol, X Factor and Family Feud for Indonesian audiences, proudly launches its participation in using the global carbon calculator and toolkit, ALBERT; an international production community initiative to measure, track and reduce the entertainment industry’s carbon footprint.

ALBERT, the Britain based environmental sustainability consultancy firm for film and TV began promoting the ALBERT carbon calculator in 2011.  The calculator tracks carbon footprints and sets targets for reduction. Fremantle Worldwide partnered with ALBERT in 2020, joining all major broadcasters and production companies in the UK.

Programs using the calculator submit a carbon action plan. The plan is a questionnaire completed during pre-production, outlining actions to be taken to reduce the carbon footprint. Once production concludes, ALBERT compiles data and receipts to score the program using a star system.  Programs that demonstrate excellent carbon efficiency receive a 3-star certification. All certified programs are broadcast with the ALBERT logo displayed during the show’s end credits, signalling to viewers that what they’ve just watched has been created sustainably.

Fremantle Worldwide rolled out a global version of the calculator, which is now being used in Indonesia, tracking, and helping to minimize the carbon footprints of Indonesian shows including Super Family 100 (Family Feud), Indonesian Idol, 3 Spotify Podcasts (Lenyap, Pembunuh Berantai, The Sacred Riana: Kisah Horor) and The YouTube channel, Daniel Mananta Network.

Victor Ariesza, Co-Managing Director said: “Not only does ALBERT calculator help all of our productions in Indonesia to accurately track and reduce the environmental impact, but it also helps us control costs.”

Now, all Fremantle teams, in multiple markets around the world are committed to using the ALBERT carbon calculator for all productions, a first for any global production company.  “We are so proud to play a role in Fremantle’s ongoing global commitment to impact our planet in a positive way”, added Sakti Parantean, Co-Managing Director


For more information on the carbon calculator and how to use it, visit: