Beyond the Script: Sakti Represents Fremantle in Taipei, Addressed Presentation of “Why Producing Format Unscripted”

In the event, Unscripted Format Lab Workshop in Taipei, that attracted the attention of the TV industry, global entertainment company, Fremantle that represented by Sakti Parantean – Managing Director Fremantle Indonesia, was invited to be a keynote speaker at a prestigious conference. More than 300 TV industry personnel gathered in person, while thousands joined online, eager to hear Fremantle’s presentation on the topic “Why Producing Format Unscripted.”

The conference, known for bringing together top executives, leading producers, and creative minds in television, chose Fremantle to shed light on the immense power and potential of unscripted formats. With a vast portfolio that includes renowned shows like The X Factor, Idol and Got Talent, Fremantle has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the unscripted TV landscape.

Other speakers that joined the conference are Leonora Teale – Executive Director, WBITVP, Ed Levan – VP Creative Format Development and Production, WBITVP from UK, Albert Park –  Production Development Manager, Studio Discovery, WBD Korea) with introduction by May Yi Lee – Lead, Content Editorial APAC, WBD (Taiwan).

During the well-anticipated presentation, Fremantle showcased key insights, industry trends, and the reasons behind the global success of format unscripted programs. By drawing from their wealth of experience and expertise, Fremantle’s representative mesmerized the audience with practical examples and inspiring success stories that have captivated viewers worldwide. The resounding success of Fremantle’s presentation exemplified the continuing revolution of unscripted formats, igniting a passion for creativity and setting the stage for a new era of groundbreaking television experiences.